• PP Slitting Strap Production Line    
  • Slitting form, width and thickness even, can be completely used in automatic packing machine.
  • PET Slitting Strap Production Line    
  • Slitting form, and shaping oven, eliminate prestress, no ben,d uniform size, achieve automatic packing level
  • PET Strap Extrusion Machine    
  • Our PET straps extrusion machine With 100% bottle flakes recycled material to produce directly, 30% reduction in the cost of production. The drying system designed specially, according to PET molecular chain structure, uniform drying, crystallization viscosity, produce strap with high tensile strength, no split crack
  • PP Strap Making Machine    
  • Used in the production of all kinds of packing tape. The products with high tensile strength, no split, no crack, high market recognition. Good shape, even size, achieve automatic packing level.
  • PET Cotton Bag Strapping Machine    
  • Using 100% recycled bottle material for production, greatly reduces the production cost, tensile strength reaches more than 10500N, and tape doesn't split!
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